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Altamira Backs RFID Tracking Deployment in Health Care Supply Chain

Paris, 18 March 2011 – Advanced Technologies

Today, Altamira partners have joined a French private equity fund to invest in Biolog-Id, a company specialized in track & trace technologies applied to healthcare.

In may, Altamira will be co-founding a French vehicle investing a first tranche in Biolog-Id. Through the agreement, Xerys SA and Altamira Capital Partners have secured an additional investment to support Biolog-id’s growth strategy.

Biolog-Id has developed a patented solution to track & trace medical products such as blood bags an oncology drugs throughout the entire cold chain, from donors to receivers.

This break-through application based on RFID technology is rolled-out in collaboration with national blood associations and global industrial partners, replacing the existing bar coding system. Its main benefits are:

  1. Increased medical safety through better product traceability and a constant monitoring of temperature all along the supply Chain;
  2. Reduced costs for blood banks and national governments through lower obsolescence and scrap rate.

The technology has received the approval from governmental agencies in Europe and the Federal Drug Administration in the US.

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