About ACP

Altamira Capital Partners is a growth and turnaround platform for industrial SMEs willing to expand in Asia. We focus on 3 sectors: Energy Efficiency, Automotive & Transportation and Industrial Equipments & Services.

Created in 2010 as an advisory and consultancy practice, Altamira has a proven track record in turnaround management. With professionals firmly grounded in our sectors of interest, we provide the complementary skills, business relationships and financial resources needed to reach new levels of performance.

Central to our approach are our operational and business development capabilities. Combined with a network of growth partners deeply rooted in their local markets, we believe they provides us with a powerful foundation to drive superior value for companies and investors.

Building on our existing projects and with offices in Brussels, Milan and Barcelona, we are looking to further develop our investments pipeline in collaboration with our partners.

We invest in the alignment of European industrial know-how with the needs of Asian regions, backing SMEs best positioned to benefit from identified long term trends shaping those markets.

Successful turnaround strategies rely on 2 core pillars: The ability of the company to adapt its business model, re-inventing its focus and processes, and its capacity to find new sources of growth. By setting up joint collaborations of different forms, also reinforced by co-investments, we leverage our growth partners to help ambitious European SMEs execute successful expansion strategies in Asia.

We operate in sectors where European manufacturers have a long tradition of excellence:

  • Industrial regions like the manufacturing clusters in France, Belgium and Southern Netherlands; Lombardy, Piemonte, Veneto and Emilia Romagna North of Italy; Or the Basque country, Catalonia, Navarra and Valencia in Spain that are home to many highly specialized SMEs producing knowledge intensive goods and services;
  • With renewed competitiveness as a result of labor markets reforms, coupled with a culture for innovation and product leadership, they usually enjoy a technology and branding advantage over their rivals from other regions.

On the other end, industrial sectors in Asian markets will continue demand specialized European know-how for the foreseeable future:

  • With the recent signing of a comprehensive Free Trade Agreement with the EU, Japan offers interesting growth opportunities for European SME’s operating in selected industries.
  • China leads the way in many human and capital intensive sectors. European SMEs seeking to preserve competitiveness and pursue growth are looking for support in their efforts to develop a China strategy.
  • Meanwhile, leveraging a vibrant domestic market, India is ideally positioned to serve as the next global industrial springboard, with a frugal yet qualified workforce and a booming internal demand.

At the heart of our operating model, our core values drive everything we do. These values set the standard against which each of us is measured and we strive to live up to them in all our business interactions, companies and investors alike. Those values are:

  • Trust and accountability
  • Cultural diversity
  • Courage, entrepreneurship
  • Resilience
  • Teamwork

Inherited from our GE background, a few basic operating principles guide us in the way we approach projects:

  • Speed and simplicity
  • Drive for results
  • Transparent communication

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