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Altamira Supports Leading Copper Manufacturer Business Transformation

Florence, 14 June 2011 – Advanced Materials

Altamira announces it will advise KME, a €3Bn Italian industrial group specialized in semi- and finished copper products listed on the Italian stock exchange, in strategic and corporate transformation matters.

Altamira’s assignment will involve the design and roll out of a new corporate model with the goal of optimizing metal management and inventory across the company’s worldwide operations.

Supported by the Executive Board and sponsored by its CFO, the project consists of a multi-phased business transformation initiative involving KME’s 4 divisions: Tubes, Brass & Rods, Rolled and Special Products.

Led by Altamira and key resources in Finance, Inventory Management, Production, Commercial, Procurement, Legal & Tax, IT, Human Resources, Marketing and Shared Services, the project plan spans over 6 months, with main focus of activity in Italy and Germany.

Paolo Orlando, Board member at KME, said: “The aim of KME is something more than a reorganization project of its activities through Europe. It’s a new way of thinking at the business in the commodity sector. Altamira’s knowledge and competency is fundamental not only for the design but also for the implementation phase”.

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